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11m RHIB Vented Boat Cover

By: JHRG, LLC Spring Hope, NC USA (www.hsarmor.com) 800-849-4997

Material: Supreme Protector coated UHMW-PE
Thread: Supreme Protector SPT138
Weight: 92 pounds light
Guarantee: 24 months no rip, no rot, no seam failure

Full Cover
Console Cover
lr oblique cleaned.jpg (46292 bytes)  Full Cover
 Tie Down System (2x fasteners - fits inflated or deflated)
Unbreakable Fabrics Vents
Milton Alston (JHRG employee - 118 lbs. 5'2")  lifts and single-hands the 11m RHIB cover made from lightweight Supreme Protector fabric.  It may outlast Milton - but at only 92 pounds, the cover does not outweigh him.




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