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11m RHIB Cover Devices


By: JHRG, LLC Spring Hope, NC USA (www.hsarmor.com) 800-849-4997

Material: Supreme Protector coated UHMW-PE
Thread: Supreme Protector SPT138
Designs: To meet mission requirements
Guarantee: 24 months no rip, no rot, no seam failure

Help insure operational readiness with boat and equipment covers that are up to the task next week, next year, next engagement. Guaranteed.

Operational Status:
Boat Cover Off
Crew Onboard
Engine Running
Boat Floats
(This is all good.)

Electronics /Weapons Waterlogged
Com Check: "Say Again. Say Again."
.50cal fire test: "Budda-Budda... click."

(Hate it when that happens.)

Lightweight Supreme Protector fabrics will keep water out while resisting rips, tears, abrasion, UV degradation, stiffening and common contaminants found at boatyards and aboard ship. It's lighter than vinyl or neoprene, and way tougher.


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