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  Always On Guard


We are a North Carolina company...

And we are Carolina people,  who believe that substance is more important than appearance. The management of quality and exact conformity to customer standards is a priority at JHRG.  We have chosen to manufacture under the stringent MIL-I-45208 inspection certification system  -  that way the customer gets exactly what is contracted for.  Our systems allows us to succeed only by meeting the highest quality requirements,  not the lowest!  We do not use mill seconds,  rejects,  or odd-lot goods to substitute profit for quality.

We are based in Spring Hope,  North Carolina,  located in the middle of the textile industry.  Our location allows us to stay in close touch with fabric and yarn manufacturers,  and the makers of textile processing equipment.  This ideal location keeps us in daily contact with the resources that make our products better,  and more cost-efficient for you.

We make a broad range of products for military and civilian needs.  Our Ranger Vest was a landmark in ballistic design,  price,  and quality.  Now used for years in the most trying of conditions,  we have found it to be the most durable,  user-friendly garment in the market.  Experience with battlefield conditions  (and demanding military specifications)  has guided us in the release of our newest products for civilian use.  We also make a variety of non-ballistic tactical vestsload-bearing gear,  and  jungle hammocks

After years of research and testing JHRG, LLC developed a production process to apply plastic coatings on super-tough UHMW-PE high-performance fabrics.  These coated fabrics, made without adhesives, are now commercially available.  They have found their way into air-cargo container curtains, stab- and cut- resistant aprons, and even the tires for the latest JPL/NASA Mars Rover vehicle.

Our owners are our operators.  JHRG is a working partnership of the people who design,  make,  and sell our goods.  We are able to manage our business and its production under a basic philosophy:  innovative design,  better materials,  and quality workmanship makes clients stay with us.

Why try the "Little Guy"?  Simple.  We have a successful track record with demanding design and development projects.  We have developed high production methods that allow us to manufacture efficiently,  without sacrificing quality.  We won't trade product quality for marketing gimmicks.


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