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Aprons,  Garments & Special Applications

 Aprons,  Garments and Special Applications

Supreme Protector fabric is waterproof and resists dirt, grime and chemicals.  And it's almost impossible to rip.  It's even tough enough to prevent cuts and punctures by commercial butcher's knives with K-POINT tips  -   the same ones used by the world's largest commercial processors.  New material from JHRG can be configured for penetration and cut protection from a variety of industrial hazards,  including knife tips,  glass,  razor blades,  and even animal teeth!  Finished aprons can be ordered from standard patterns, or custom garments can be made according to your needs.  Sample swatches are available for evaluation.  Bulk sales of rolled goods are available to converters.

JHRG Ripsaw KickBack Apron



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