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Cargo CurtaiNets and Baggage Cart Curtains


Attention Ground Maintenance and Ground Support Managers:

Baggage Cart Curtains and CurtainNets made from Supreme Protector fabric will outperform your expectations.  We guarantee they will not rip, puncture or delaminate for two years - or up to three years under our extended warrantee plan.

The CurtainNet is made by JHRG.  It weighs less than the curtain and net combination you now use and it lasts longer.  A complete change-out on your largest container takes one worker about six minutes to perform.

An air cargo carrier in Greensboro, North Carolina, replaced standard vinyl coated  curtains at the rate of about one every 2 months per container.  The pressure for fast turn-arounds was very hard on the nets and curtains used on their LD3's - as  were sharp metal components included in normal freight.

Patented Supreme Protector curtains are made from the strongest fiber available and enhanced with our waterproof coating.  They will outlast any regular-service curtain you have ever used and save you money in the process.  We'll guarantee it!

The CurtainNet is a curtain and a net.  The final assembly is  designed to meet  maximum load conditions for the pallet as described in NAS-3610.  In the photo at left, a CurtainNet mounted on an 88 x 125 AAA container is rammed by a fork lift.  It was undamaged.  The AAC CurtaiNet  (right) has been in continuous service for over one year without repair.

Supreme Protector fabric meets all FAA requirements for use as a ULD curtain or net in a cargo compartment.  We can make the curtain you need, hardware and all, to fit your existing containers.  JHRG can provide FAA certified restraints and an individual  TSO to conform to your specific pallet (TSO) size and hardware demands.  We are an FAA inspected manufacturing facility.

What are the benefits of Supreme Protector Curtains and CurtainNets?

  1. Reduced weight - each pound can save up to $30.00 per air-year
  2. Reduced maintenance expense - fewer hours changing curtains
  3. Reduced supply expense - far fewer curtains to purchase
  4. Reduced inventory - fewer replacement units on stock
  5. Reduced downtime - more cans in service and on the flight line
  6. Increased payload  -  less curtain weight means more freight
  7. Reduced Aggravation - spend your time on something more worthwhile!

Commuter Aircraft GSE:
    Ballast/Sandbag from Supreme Protector Fabric

    Practically impossible to rip - resists rot, chafe, leak and abuse.  Guaranteed.


*The Supreme Protector Air Cargo Curtain is protected by US patent.


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