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Load Bearing Gear

JHRG Tactical Load Bearing gear has been refined by years of producing military and civilian projects.  Our tactical vests are for stand alone use,  or may be used in combination with overtly worn ballistics.  Custom design work for the military,  law enforcement,  and even Hollywood has helped us make vests that are durable, practical and affordable.  Our  LBV's are made from quality domestic materials, selected for their consistency and toughness.  Our sewing thread is MIL SPEC nylon - made to last.  And our drag straps are going to do what they are supposed to - they won't pull out on the first tug.  Click below to see some of our popular tactical  (non-ballistic)  vests.

MILES2000  LASER LBV, helmet and vehicle belts for military training
photos courtesy of Cubic Defense.


AIRSAVE   Newest adjustable military aviation survival (modular) vest


HEED             HEED w/hose       Knife Pocket      Radio Pocket

Pistol Pocket                                   Pocket back         General Pocket 

MIL LBV           Standard military load bearing vest 


MODTAC          Zipper front, adjustable length and girth, and modular webbing

TACIII                Fixed utility, gas mask and radio pockets


Jungle Hammock

The classic military jungle hammock,  with a few improvements!  Made from stout,  waterproof,  nylon the jungle hammock includes sides made with ultra fine "no see 'em" insect-defeating mesh.  Mesh sides affix to the hammock body with hook/loop tape for a perfect seal.  A nylon fly floats over the hammock to keep out rain or sun.  Braided nylon cordage insures taut,  even,  suspension from poles or tree trunks.  The hammock may also be used staked on the ground as a shelter with the aid of supporting sticks or fiberglass sections  (not included).  Side pockets accept poles  (not included)  to convert the hammock to a stretcher.

Turn Out Coat and Helmet


 Military design turn out coat and firefighter helmet.



Beat the heat and relieve stress with CoolVest and Powder Packs.  Four lightweight powder packs can be frozen and dropped into our Velco-pocketed  (non-ballistic)  CoolVest.  It's simple,  inexpensive,  and effective.  Taken right from the freezer our Powder Packs are soft and pliable  -  they conform to your body and stay cool for hours.  They cool better than standard gels,  weigh less,  and can be used over and over.  Powder Packs are always soft  -  never solid or liquid.  The CoolVest requires no batteries or wires and backup Powder Packs can be changed in seconds.


 Labels,  pockets,  loops,  retainers,  Velcro,  holsters,  reflective strips,  emblems,  or anything else you can think of.  We have hundreds of standard attachments and accessories in our library,  or we can make to your special need.  We use long lasting reflective stock with screened on names,  rank,  or department.  We also make "Friend-or-Foe" drop down ID's.  Attachments can be provided as sewn-ons,  snap-ons,  or web-strapped with Velcro.

Police Bicycle Bag


The Police Bicycle Bag is made from tough, quiet, water repellent 1,000 denier Cordura.  It has handle, frame fasteners, and an insulated adjustable divider.



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