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Supreme Protector Fabric May Be The Worlds Strongest Woven Textile...

High Performance Fabrics

The ultimate high-performance fabric is Supreme Protector* fabric. UHMW-PE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) yarns and fabrics have been used in a broad range of applications since it came to the market in the 1980's. It is used in rope, cordage, cut-resistant gloves, yacht sails, safety aprons, and bullet-resistant vests.

UHMW-PE fabric has a low melting point, is smooth to the touch, naturally white, resists adhesives, and is non-absorbent. These characteristics can be drawbacks if you want to apply a coating using glue or heat. Several years of development work at JHRG has produced a patented production method to coat UHMW-PE fabric with EVA and PE films.

The result is a supple, flexible, non-permeable fabric with the benefits of film-coatings. Our newest materials are waterproof, flame-resistant, and dirt- and chemical- resistant. The great properties of UHMW-PE (like tear strength, cut-resistance, abrasion resistance and tenacity) are still there, but now you can have your choice of colors without worries about permeation. Our latest fabrics have been used for demanding jobs where high strength, light weight, and waterproof characteristics are required.

Applications for Supreme Protector fabrics include safety garments, tow-straps, gear bags, bivvy bags and backpacks, hovercraft skirts, electronic shields, machinery containers, tarpaulin reinforcements, money bags, boat covers, marine chafe prevention devices and scores of other uses.

Lightweight strength and permeation resistance has found significant use in maritime, meat processing and aviation industries.

Fabric Specifications

*US PATENT - other patents applied for.



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