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Do You Have An Idea or Product You Want to Develop?

In general, prototypes can only be made fast, cheap or good:

If you need good and fast, it isn't cheap.

If you need good and cheap, it isn't fast.    

If you need fast and cheap, it isn't good.

As a custom and volume soft goods producer we receive requests to make everything from "one-offs" and prototypes to large scale production.  We want to honor your request with the courtesy and professionalism you expect.   Here's some advice:

Prepare blueprints, sketches and material specifications if possible.

Shop time is $40/hour for development work - materials are not included.

Custom work is done upon receipt of a purchase order and is subject to credit approval.

Be prepared to provide details on the end-use environment and demands on materials.

We do not reproduce copyrighted or patented products without a written release or license from the owner.

If you wish to discuss or develop an original idea, first send us a confidentiality or  non-disclosure agreement.  If you don't have one, we'll send you a sample document.



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