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"SteelAway" Gray Marine Products

Anchor Sentinel (Kellet) Bag
Fabric Bucket
Gear Bag

SteelAway gear is made from Supreme Protector fabric.  High strength,  resistance to sea water, chemicals, abrasion and UV make it ideal for applications in trying marine conditions.  SteelAway Gear is sewn exclusively with 80 pound test SPT138 thread, providing the reliable strength and durability found in Supreme Protector fabric.  Evaluated by "Practical Sailor" Magazine - not declared bulletproof, but almost!  Click to enlarge or identify part numbers.  Hardware with SentinelBags is not provided.


The SentinelBagÔ from JHRG
is intended to hold suitable sized and convenient weight, deployed about halfway down a rode at proper scope, to improve rode angle to the bottom.  A sentinel may improve anchor holding while reducing wandering or sailing at anchor.  A suggestion of “suitable weight” (in pounds) is vessel LWL in feet x 0.7.  We don’t know where this rule came from – but it works as a starting point for most.  Another authoritative source says, "about 25 pounds".  Some experts advise there is no better means to improve holding power than by deploying a heavier anchor and more chain.  Use the Sentinelbag as only one of many possible means to insure safe anchorage.


Holes burned through the bottom of your SentinelBag permit drainage upon retrieval.  Material breaks at 900 lb. per inch and has 100% wet strength.  SentinelBag is sewn with rot-resistant 80-pound test Supreme Protector thread.   A SentinelBag weighted with chain is not inclined to roll around (or off) a foredeck; it will not rust, dent or scar deck surfaces if clean.


If you don’t keep spare chain on board, you should.  We suggest storing a spare length of a suitable weight in your SentinelBag so, 1.) you know where it is, and  2.) it is instantly ready to deploy as sentinel weight when needed.  Using spare chain as sentinel weight eliminates using more troublesome devices or risking a second anchor for this purpose.


After anchoring with correct scope and testing for secure hookset, deploy SentinelBag as follows:


a. place chain (or other weight) in SentinelBag

b. secure chain to bag and grommet(s) with suitable hardware

c. attach control line directly (or via hardware) to SentinelBag

d. locate  suitable hardware over rode insuring free and non-binding up and down movement

e. deploy to approximately mid-rode with control line

f. secure the control line

SteelAway(TM) Fabric Gear (gear bag, cloth bucket and anchor sentinel/PWC mooring bag) is made from the same lightweight, high-performance Supreme Protector  fabric and thread now used on military vessels and aircraft.  Resistance to rip, rot, UV, moisture absorption and abrasion makes this fabric the ultimate for tough, long-life marine products.  Stronger than steel - and it floats!     See the SteelAway Price List.


Recreational moorings and large lines (3" circumference and greater) can be wrapped securely with  Supreme Protector antichafe devices using flat Velcro closures or Alligator Flaps™ (patent applied for).  The Alligator Flap closure makes a hook-and-loop "sandwich" of antichafe material; it will secure the device firmly to itself.  All devices install easily in seconds - and stay put once secured.  See Antichafe details...     Call for a sample or quote.

11 meter RHIB standard cover products.  See more details...

11m RHIB cover

11m RHIB console cover

Unbreakable fabric vent


11m RHIB cover


.50 cal gun cover (scope cover stowed)


.50 cal gun cover opens and drops
over gun mount

MK-19 cover

Ammo can cover

Integral scope cover (deployed)

MK-19 scopecover deployed

Scope cover deployment




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