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Overt Armor - conforms to NIJ-STD-0101.04

Externally worn armor for military and civilian applications

Ranger Interceptor - Modular Combat Vest


This front opening combat vest is made to meet military standards and tactical requirements; the Ranger Interceptor offers threat level IIIA protection with optional threat level IV ceramic plates front and back. Shoulder and collar protection are standard offerings.  Plate pockets accommodate 10 x 12 inch breastplates from steel, ceramic, or composite material. The front plate pocket is side-loading and features a quick-eject pull strap; back pocket is top-loading. Vest includes a high strength drag strap.

U.S. Navy Flak Vest - Exclusively from JHRG


The Navy Flak Vest is designed to be flame resistant and water repellent and be compatible with battle dress clothing and equipment.  The Flak Vest will defeat fragmentations rated over 1925 fps with 17 grain/fsp (fragmented simulated projectile) at 0 degree obliquity; and rated for NIJ threat level IIIA.  The vest design consists of a center front hook-and-loop closure, side adjustment system, stand-up collar, and shoulder shields held in place by adjustable elastic webbing and snap fasteners.  The Flak Vest is comprised of Kevlar ballistic insert panels enclosed in a flame resistant/water-repellent treated sage green Nomex outer shell.  Size medium weighs less than 8.8 pounds, the lightest and most comfortable system available today.



The RangerVest is the ultimate in coverage and performance.  It is a military/tactical style vest that is offered in threat level IIIA.  The Ranger can be worn alone,  or may incorporate steel or ceramic plates,  a collar,  or a groin protector.  Plates may be worn in pockets on front and back.  This vest includes full front,  back,  side,  and shoulder protection.  The Ranger is made with a flexible,  affordable combination of SpectraShield(tm) and Kevlar(tm) - designed,  developed,  and sold by JHRG to the US armed forces.  Ranger vests are made from premium 1,000 denier Cordura nylon.  .

Ranger CMB (Civilian Modular Ballistic)



The Ranger CMB is a civilian redesign of the Ranger Vest.  There are no compromises made in ballistics,  coverage,  or materials.  We have not made concessions to cheapen this vest!  Shoulder coverage,  front plate pocket,  tough,  quiet 1,000 denier Cordura exterior,  and ballistics were developed from the military Ranger.  In spite of the full protection offered by this design,  mobility is uncompromised.  The CMB provides excellent "arms forward" mobility,  and works within your budget to upgrade with collar,  groin protector,  plates or accessories.  Modular webbing on front allows rapid attachment/detachment of required pockets for magazines,  flash/bang,  cuffs,  etc.   The CMB is made in threat level IIIA,  and includes a radio pocket,  drag strap,  and a butt retention pad on each shoulder.  Unlike the military front closure system,  the Ranger CMB has a side closure and adjustment system.



The RangerSuisse is clean, quiet, and fast.  RangerSuisse, a redesign of the military RangerVest for Switzerland, is a front opening, tactical/combat vest.  Used with load bearing gear, the RangerSuisse makes ideal civilian armor for urban applications.  Top loading plate pocket and detachable shoulder/collar and throat units makes this vest adaptable to most police requirements.

Overt Standard


The Overt Standard offers full coverage and freedom over movement.  Full shoulder and side coverage are combined with a simple,  fast,  front-opening military closure.  The Overt Standard is the most cost-effective way to serious protection  -  simply use it in combination with your existing tactical (non-ballistic) load bearing gear,  or upgrade to JHRG tactical
gear specially designed to fit your ballistic vest,  and your budget.



This EMS vest has the look and utility of standard gear,  but can include ballistic panels in the threat level of your choice.  Price of the EMS/Ballistic vest includes reflective panels,  EMS identifying emblem,  and large pockets for tools or instruments.  Custom attachments are available on request.  For officers who double as EMS workers,  ballistics from this vest are interchangeable with our Covert Standard.



The KnockerVest  is designed for use in slaughter operations where the risk of being injured with a steel (rod) knocker exists.  Designed and made by people with long experience in the beef industry, this IS NOT STANDARD POLICE ARMOR.  The KnockerVest was made specifically for the special demands and environment of the packing industry.  The groin protector is a modular option (thumbnail, right) that can be attached with snap fasteners on the standard vest.

Collars, Throat and Groin Guards

Accessory protection articles are made with ballistic inserts using the same materials found in our threat level IIIA vests and shields.  Accessory items cannot be  NIJ certified due to their size.  Collars,  throat and groin guards use fastening systems that are flexible for users needs,  and proven with tactical or combat experience.  Collars,  throat and groin guards are jacketed with 1,000 Cordura for comfort,  quietness,  and durability.

Spectra Shield is a registered trademark of Honeywell.
KEVLAR, NOMEX and CORDURA are registered trademarks of E.I. DuPont.




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