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Steel and Ceramic Plates

Upgrade protection to threat levels III or IV with steel or ceramic plates.  Contoured H & S plates are available in steel (8"x10") for threat level III protection.

Consider fiberglass or Kevlar jacketed ceramic (8"x10" and 10"x12") for less weight with threat level III or IV protection.  Jacketed ceramic plates are protected from accidental chipping or cracking.  Our treated ceramic plates,  unlike steel,  will not spall or cause ricochets.


Trauma Pads

Trauma Pads provide additional security at a reasonable price.  All Supreme Protector ballistic vests meet The National Institute of Justice standards for trauma protection.  However,  Trauma Pads are available for those who prefer to exceed NIJ standards.  Supreme Protector Trauma Pads are made from Spectra Shield for exclusive use with Supreme Protector Ballistic vests.  Trauma Pads from Spectra Shield are flexible and will not cause ricochets like metal.


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