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Freight Policy

All products are shipped FOB factory.  Customers may elect options other than ground shipment at their expense;  otherwise JHRG will ship via the least costly way.  Any JHRG ballistic product may be returned under the terms and conditions of our limited warranty.  Any vest that is not sized to the customers complete satisfaction may be returned (in new condition) within 10 days of receipt for adjustment,  an alternate size,  or full refund.  Vests returned for any reason will only be accepted with a manufacturers returned goods authorization (RGA) number.  An RGA number may be obtained from JHRG prior to a return.  Unauthorized returns will be refused.

Sizing and Adjustments

 Sizing is an individual matter,  so we try to insure our closures allow you maximum flexibility and comfort.  Our closures allow your vest size to change,  because your size might change,  too.  A properly sized vest will break just below an open shirt collar,  and at least one inch above your service belt,  if worn when sitting.  Any user who is not fully satisfied with the fit of a Supreme Protector vest may ask for an adjustment,  an alternate size,  or a full refund.  For sizing information on our vests,  please contact us at 1-800-849-4997.

JHRG does not offer "darted" female sizes.  While we wish to accommodate all users with maximum comfort,  we believe that darting can create an inversion zone which,  if struck,  may worsen trauma.  All our vests are made with flexible materials that satisfy most users.


Supreme Protector vests come with a manufacturers limited warranty of five years.  Ballistic materials are warranted by the manufacturer of the fiber and/or the weaver.  Permanent covers are warranted for three years;  removable covers are warranted for 18 months.  Limited warranty is included with each vest.  All Supreme Protector ballistic vests and plates will not be sold until they conform with The National Institute of Justice standard 0101.03.  Special modifications and designs may be manufactured upon receipt of a written request from the end user,  subject to modification meeting the standards of JHRG Manufacturing and the standards of The National Institute of Justice,  and may or may not be covered under this warranty. Replacement of Ballistic Vests:  Any Supreme Protector vest that sustains damage from an auto accident,  sharp projectile,  or firearm projectile during a tour of duty confrontation will be replaced or repaired by JHRG.  An agency or department declaration of how the damage occurred and the return of the vest to JHRG  is required.  A replacement vest will be shipped immediately upon receipt of the declaration and damaged vest.  Ballistic Plate Upgrades:  Plates are designed to upgrade the vest capacity to meet higher threat levels when used simultaneously.  Body size will determine added area of protection and only the area covered by a plate will be protected. Cleaning:  Bleach,   chemicals,  and ultra-violet rays may have damaging effects on the fabric that is included in ballistic panels.  Use only mild soap when cleaning your vest.  Chemicals,  strong cleaning compounds,  or bleaches will permanently damage ballistic capacity.  Improper use of cleaning compounds may void your warranty.  Do not expose ballistic panels to ultraviolet rays or direct sunlight.  Expose vest to direct sunlight only when necessary.  Sharp or Pointed Objects:  Soft body armor should be selected to the anticipated threats as stated by different levels per The National Institute of Justice standard 0101.03.  Sharp edged or pointed objects,  ice picks,  arrows,  rifle projectiles,  or armor-piercing projectiles cannot be stopped by soft body armor protection.  All Supreme Protector vests are labeled with this warning per The National Institute of Justice standard 0101.03.  NOTE:  WARRANTY ONLY FOR DOMESTIC AND NON-MILITARY SALES AND USE.  DOMESTIC OR FOREIGN MILITARY PURCHASES ARE COVERED UNDER A SEPARATE WARRANTY,  AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED PURCHASERS UPON REQUEST.

Large and Non-Domestic Orders

Some clients requiring substantial materials purchases, production of non-commercial goods, or shipment outside the US may be required to make payment by commercial letter of credit, payable at sight.  

Some orders may require prepayments for labor and materials.



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