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Supreme Protector Thread

Changing your mind is easier than changing your thread.  We know - we sew.

You need a good reason to change thread if everything else is fine.  We had a reason to make some changes at our plant, but we couldn't find the right commercial thread for the job - so we made it ourselves.  If you need long-lasting, durable sewing thread with extremely high strength, you should try Supreme Protector.  It will change your mind about sewing with high-performance fiber, improve your products, and probably lower your costs.  See Specifications...

We operate a lot of machines, including the old Class 7's.  We hold them back
exclusively for jobs that require extremely strong thread or the penetration of
very thick material.  We're are not partial to using the Class 7's because they
are slow, noisy and difficult to work with. 

Experience has taught us we need Class 7's and 5-cord thread to give us the strength required for certain jobs.  We've experimented  with commercial high performance threads, but always went back to 5- and 6-cord on big machines when the sewing had to be failsafe.  The other threads we tried caused more problems  (or expense) than they were worth.  Our armor business gives us exposure to high performance materials, so we decided to test some thread concepts of our own. Our hope was to make a better, less costly thread that would run on our Consew's and Juki's.

We finally developed a thread that held fast, wouldn't rot, was highly  resistant to UV and was not affected by moisture.  It sews well, yet is stronger than twice the amount of 5-cord thread.  The olive webbing shown was sewn with 5-cord; the white webbing used Supreme Protector thread.  Both were tested on an FAA certified load device at over 3,500 pounds.  Neither sample suffered broken thread. 

Supreme Protector thread ran in half the time - with half the thread.  And SPT138 will still be there, undamaged and holding strong, after years of exposure to the elements.

Unbonded Supreme Protector thread has a breaking strength of
about 80 pounds in size 138.  It runs well through a #22 needle.

Suggested retail price is $135 per pound.

Contact us to order, or to request a sample.



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