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Dania, Florida  USA

September 17, 2002

Mr. Dan Nathan
303 South Pine Street
Spring Hope, NC 27882

Dear Dan,

I am writing to you to express our 100% satisfaction in your anti chafe products. Titan Maritime, LLC is an international salvage and wreck removal company that operates in some extremely harsh and difficult environments. Because we work in such environments and often in remote locations, Titan preserves a strict system of quality control and preventative maintenance programs.

One of our more serious problems is wear and tear of umbilicals, burning rigs, hydraulic lines, etc. during diver wreck penetration operations. Currently we are working a project to remove oil from the 468 foot cargo ship S.S. "Jacob Luckenbach", which sank in 178 of water, 17 miles off the coast of San Francisco over 50 years ago. The growth on the Luckebach is astronomical and subsequently, we were experiencing heavy chafe on both diver umbilicals and hydraulic pump and tooling hoses. Your anti chafe gear has paid for itself ten times over on this project. Prior to its installation, we were seeing significant chafe on all support hoses and umbilicals after one to two weeks of operating. I have yet to replace one length of your chafe gear since installation over one month ago. The only negative commentary from the field was the potential for the Velcro to fail. It has not failed as of yet but we do see it as a potential weakness in underwater applications. I understand you are already addressing this issue and we look forward to the results.

We have tried several different types of chafe products in the past. Everything from the purpose designed to fire hose. Nothing compares to the integrity of your product and we will be ordering lengths for all of our diver umbilicals, hydraulic hoses and potentially for up to 6" fuel oil transfer hoses. Your system is not inexpensive however it has proven itself cost effective and superior.

I would also like to thank you for the personal attention you have given our company in terms of both delivery and issuing of part numbers for each of the different diameters of chafe we have purchased thus far. Service as such these days is hard to find and to us, it is very much appreciated.



Gage Parrot
Asset Manger, Titan Maritime, LLC USA


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