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Supreme Protector USCG and USN Standard Covers

By: JHRG, LLC Spring Hope, NC USA (www.hsarmor.com) 800-849-4997

Material: Supreme Protector coated UHMW-PE
Thread: Supreme Protector SPT138
Designs: To meet mission requirements
Guarantee: 24 months no rip, no rot, no seam failure, no problems

USN .50cal twin -
fits over gun (with/without plate) and pedestal

USN .50cal with armor shield and deck pedestal

11m RHIB
Cover Installed
Top Open - Drop Down Integrated Ammo Can Cover

USCG details                                 USN Twin .50


Supreme Protector Advantages:

2 Year No-Rip Guarantee
Quick Deploying Dual Zipper Drop-Down Design
Sewn with 80 lb. Test Thread
Integrated Scope Cover
Detachable Ammo Can Cover
Navy Gray or Custom Colors
Resists Solvents, Lubes, Grease

Supreme Protector fabrics and threads are made from UHMW-PE fiber, the strongest synthetic made. These fibers provide 100% wet strength and resist UV and abrasion better than any other commercial high-performance textile. They are combined to make the lightest, strongest and most versatile cover devices on the market - ideal for use in marine environments. The same fabric has been successfully employed for longlife antichafe devices; boat, gun and winch covers and cut-protective aprons.


* Supreme Protector fabric is patented; patent applied for on Supreme Protector antichafe applications and alligator flap design.



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