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 Supreme Protector Anti Chafe
Freeman K. Pittman Editor's Choice Award 2003

Brent Wilson made a career as a Maine lobsterman.  He is also a natural born skeptic.  When JHRG asked him to try Supreme Protector chafe gear on his liveaboard Thompson trawler he agreed.  After more than a year of use in the Florida and North Carolina sun, Brent concluded...  (click on Brent)

Tugboat captains mostly say what they think - and they don't think
fabric can protect heavily loaded, moving lines.  When JHRG asked
one of the best to test our Supreme Protector chafe gear on a harbor tug towline, he agreed.  After two months of hard use (without wearing the gear through) he came to a conclusion... (click bitt)

Work in ice water, surging current, total darkness, 175 deep, surrounded by jagged metal? Crawl around in tight spaces?  How would you protect those fragile looking hoses and cables bringing your air, communications and warm water? See what a premier salvage and recovery company did... (click stack)

Material: Supreme Protector coated UHMW-PE
Thread: Supreme Protector SPT138 
Designs: To meet mission requirements
Guarantee: 100% Customer Satisfaction. Period.

Antichafe Device Installed

Sewn Tube and Alligator Flap  Systems



Inner "Flap" Secured

Outer "Flap"

Fabric Properties:

Mullen Burst:  not less than 1,000 pounds
Melt:  +260F or higher
Cold Crack:  -40F or lower
Flame Resistance:  FAR 25.853 (a) Appendix F, Part 1, (a), 1(iv)
UV:  highly resistant
Abrasion:  63,000 cycles (Wyzenbeek)
Break Strength:    not less than 1,000 pounds per inch, fill
                                 not less than 1,000 pounds per inch, warp
Trapezoid Tear:    not less than 160 pounds, fill
                                 not less than 200 pounds, warp
Tongue Tear:        not less than 260 pounds, fill
                                 not less than 250 pounds, warp
Chemical Resistance:
(100% strength after 6 months)
10% detergent                 sea water 
hydraulic fluid                   kerosene
glacial acetic acid             gasoline
5% hypophosphate         toluene
29% amm. hydroxide      perchloroehtylene

Supreme Protector fabric is intended for personal or materiel protection from abrasion, incidental
laceration and incidental contact with non-hazardous liquids or chemicals. It is not recommended
for use in close proximity to flame; heat in excess of 250F; or for personnel protection from
hazardous chemicals.



JHRG is a North Carolina based producer of military and civilian (law enforcement)
tactical soft armor, military softgoods and laminated high performance fabrics. As
a cut-and-sew final goods producer we have design and manufacturing experience
with life support designated gear (anti-G suits; armor; anti-exposure suits; aviator
survival vests; parachutes) and FAA certified cargo restraint devices. Much of our
team’s experience has been with the fabrication of specialty, high performance fabrics.

Supreme Protector fabric was developed for long-life, high strength cargo restraint
devices. The extraordinary performance of this fabric even required the development
of a new sewing thread with strength and longevity to match the material.

We have combined our best thread, fabrics and professional expertise to create a
new type of antichafe device that is ideally suited to the challenging maritime
environment. We believe our new fabric is a tough, cost effective means to protect
docking lines and deck gear. Your applications for our gear may vary – so we
simply guarantee your satisfaction with our products – 100%.

SIZE INSTRUCTIONS: DIMENSIONS BELOW ARE ANTICHAFE INSIDE DIAMETER. Supreme Protector Antichafe Gear is priced per foot. You may order any length necessary. Sewn and flat Velcro tubes do not allow for significant adjustment; Alligator Flap* closures allow ½" (+) inside diameter adjustment. It is recommended that the Antichafe tube be at least ½" larger than line diameter - too big is better than too small.   If you evaluate line sizes by circumference, divide line circumference by three (c/3) to select proper Antichafe diameter.

Item SPAC-AFH158 (below) employs a heavy duty commercial-grade fabric; this device (or fabric type 512WE in other forms) is recommended for any commercial application; for any recreational vessel over 30,000-lb. displacement; or for any non-dockside mooring or offshore applications including rigging protection and as chafe gear for drogues or towed warps.

JHRG chafe gear is made to order, by length and diameter.  It is not designed to be cut to lesser lengths after manufacture. 

Seizing gear to rode or dockline: gear may be ordered with grommets at the ends, or suitable small holes may be burned or cut in the gear at least one-inch off of any seam or edge.  Holes will not ravel or tear open except under extreme loads.  Supreme Protector Chafe Gear has a "grippy" plastic-coated side which should face outward and a smooth uncoated side which should face inward.  For most dockside applications seizing will not be required.  For chafe gear with internal Velcro "grabbers", face the Velcro strips inward.

For order information, contact JHRG by email or phone (800-849-4997 or 252-478-4997).  Let us know line size (diameter), application (onshore/offshore; recreational/commercial) and vessel displacement (over/under 30,00 lb).

Recreational vessel chafe gear for lines under 1" diameter can be found at Keyway Unlimited.


Antichafe Inside Diameter




1 5/8"











Heavy Duty Fabric - Alligator Flap Closure/foot

Sewn Tube/foot








Flat Velcro








Alligator Closure/foot








Fabric Bucket
(one size)

No Rip







(one size)

No Rip







* "Alligator Flap" is a trademark of JHRG, LLC.  Alligator Flap closure patent applied for.



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